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Professional and affordable mobile application development services using hybrid technologies to distribute fully customizable hybrid mobile applications to iOS and Android users across the world.

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Mobile application

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Sometimes, a public facing website or web application isn't the only solution needed to get your business flowing. You can dive deeper into the mobile world with a fully customized, hybrid mobile application for iOS and Android users. This is the perfect solution for companies looking to expand access to their customers through easily accessible memberships or portals, and online ordering, and more.

In-App Purchases

If you need a mobile application with built-in products and a smooth checkout process, I can set this up for you on both iOS and Android stores through my professional mobile app development services. nocoded can handle the integration of consumable and non-consumable products, subscriptions, and real-time billing notifications.

Push Notifications

If you need your users to be notified on the fly, push notifications can be employed into your application through as part of nocoded's extensive mobile app development services plan, allowing your users to receive real-time updates whenever you need them to.

User-Friendly & Clean

nocoded can create a fully customized and robust mobile application tailored to your company's needs. It's required to run fast and seamlessly to ensure the best user experience possible for anyone who downloads your application, no matter where they are. I'll thoroughly test each piece of the app as development progresses to ensure everything is clean and works at optimal speeds.

Mobile application

Hybrid Applications

I use hybrid mobile application development technologies that are highly effective in creating a fast, usable platform for your users. This allows easy management of a single codeset across multiple devices, helping cut down on development time and utilizing front-end web technologies for a fast and reliable user experience. Sspeed and functionality are my top priorities in providing your users with the best experience possible.

The Hybrid App Development Process

I follow a carefully designed process to make sure all project requirements are met and nothing slips through the cracks.


Onboarding is important to get an overall sense of your company's purpose, mission, and goals, as well as requirements and desires for the application you're wanting to have created. Onboarding is crucial for putting a plan and timeline in place for your project and ensure everyone is on the same page.


I'll create a wireframe illustrating the basic concepts of the design and layout for the mobile app. This allows us to work together and come up with an overall plan for the structure of your application, and review and make changes easily without diving into code.

Design & Prototype

Once the wireframe is completed, the next step is to create working prototype. Prototyping consists of taking the wireframe and building it out into an actual design with graphical elements, placeholder text, and clickable buttons so you can see how your app will flow.


After approval is received for the prototype, I'll start building out the functionality and testing on physical devices, bringing your mobile app to life! All elements from the prototype are implemented into a working application and tied into native device elements.


Once all of the functionality is completely implemented, final testing will begin between myself and members of your business who are either in charge of the project or will be using the application upon launch. Minor updates and bug fixes will be implemented to ensure accurate functionality for your application users.


Now, your app can now be uploaded to the various app stores and reviewed. The review process happens on the platform owner's end, either through Google Play or the App Store, and can take up to a week in some cases. Once approved, your application will be considered launched and available for public download.

Case Studies

My number one priority is helping my clients achieve their goals and passions through their business, ideas, and creations. Here are some examples of the companies I've built ongoing partnerships with and that continue to inspire me every day.


Whatevo is a social network for artists and creators to collaborate, share projects, and start discussions with each other. Create, share, and inspire.


Blockade is a free mobile puzzle game that takes a different approach towards the match-3 strategic puzzle solving genre. Available for both iOS and Android devices across the world.

Client Success Story

"My website has been very helpful to my clients in providing them information about my services and practice and I often receive positive feedback about the website. I would highly recommend nocoded to anyone!"
Dr. Scott Poland
Psychologist & Mediator

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