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Search Engine Optimization

To expand your business, you need a digital marketing agency you can trust. I'm based in Fort Collins, Colorado and provide extensive local SEO services, full website audits, in-depth monitoring, and detailed monthly reporting. All with no monthly contracts or setup fees.

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Small Business SEO Services

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Fort Collins is becoming a highly competitive area, so you'll need a digital marketing agency that knows the ins and outs of the industry. Creating a customized SEO strategy tailored to your business allows for your customers to easily find you on the internet and is key to achieving long-term growth and success. I'll go through your website to ensure it follows the best SEO practices, optimize your page content, run technical audits, and more.

All SEO campaigns include a technical audit of your website, content writing, content optimizations, monthly keyword tracking and ranking reports, and a Google Business Profile optimization. There are no time-based contracts required and it's easy to get started.

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Technical Audits

One of the first steps I complete in every SEO campaign is a technical audit of your website. This includes a deep dive into pinpointing potential page speed issues, indexing issues, and other factors that could be hurting your user experience and search engine rankings.

In-Depth Research

When performing keyword research, I look for keywords that make sense for your business and industry. High volume keywords don't always yield instant results. Long-tail keywords and competitive research are usually the answer for growth.


An effective SEO strategy requires comprehensive research and setup. Results take time, sometimes months, and I never guarantee top results in search engines. Algorithms constantly change, so regular monitoring and upkeep are key.

  • Organic SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Research & Optimization
  • Content Optimization
  • Content Writing
  • Technical SEO Audits
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Google Business Profile


Building An Effective SEO Campaign

I follow a carefully curated process to ensure all projects run smoothly with a pre-planned timeline and ongoing communication.

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01 » Onboarding

Onboarding is important to get an overall sense of your company's purpose, mission, and goals, as well as the requirements and desires for your SEO campaign.

02 » Analysis

Research of your current SEO profile with a detailed baseline report illustrating your current ranking positions on Google and your backlink profile.

03 » Research

Keyword research to find the search phrases that perform well in your area, keeping in mind user intent to ensure the correct keywords are used when optimizing.

04 » Optimization

Once you have reviewed and approved the keywords selected, I'll optimize your on-page content with the planned SEO strategy and write additional content where needed.

05 » Implementation

Once the optimized content is reviewed and approved, I'll implement the changes into your website and resubmit your pages to search engines for indexing.

06 » Grow

After the optimization is implemented, I'll continue monitoring and tracking your campaign's growth and progress through regular checks and detailed monthly reporting.

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"nocoded was easy to work with and created a very professional website. They kept me informed each step of the way and their customer support was amazing! I would highly recommend nocoded for your website needs!"
Eric Ketcham
Owner, Tranquil Tea Room