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nocoded offers professional web design services to Windsor, Colorado businesses including responsive design, UI/UX design, web development, mobile app development, and more.

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What I Do

Starting a business in this modern age can be difficult for anyone, especially if you don't have the right tools or expert knowledge to make it happen. With technology interweaving itself into everyday life, you must adapt your business to the online world to increase the potential of your traffic and sales. As an experienced web design and development freelancer, I offer state of the art web design services to Windsor businesses, including the following:

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If you lack the knowledge to kickstart a fully functioning website, don't let this get in the way of your journey. nocoded is here to help you on every part of your digital pathway by creating the next big thing for your business. With the online world leveling out the playing field for both small and large companies, migrating your business into the digital world is a fresh start to help you achieve the success you need to get going. The range of professional web design services I offer Windsor businesses includes UI/UX design, web development, ecommerce solutions, and mobile app development, targeting the different areas you'll need to achieve your goals.

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Benefits of Custom Coding

Custom-coded websites, web applications, and mobile applications open up a whole new world of almost endless possibilities. See the advantages and what custom coding can do for your business.


Custom coding allows for a fully optimized user experience, promising quick page load times and ease of use by utilizing powerful technologies on a solid infrastructure.


With custom coding, on-page SEO can be easily implemented, making it much simpler to appeal to your users and search engines so your business can thrive.


Security is a no-brainer when you're not having to rely on the use of third-party themes and libraries. Rest assured, your website will be safe and secure for you and your users.


Custom coding provides the ability to create something truly unique to your brand that will leave a lasting impression on your website or application users.

Technologies I Use

Some of the modern technologies I use to help push businesses forward:

HTML5 CSS JavaScript PHP MySQL Cordova

Case Studies

My number one priority is helping my clients achieve their goals and passions through their business, ideas, and creations. Here are some examples of the companies I've built ongoing partnerships with and that continue to inspire me every day:

Lauren Angela

Web Design & Development

A template site that illustrates the possibilities of creating an ecommerce solution for your website, with a clean, user-friendly, responsive design, shopping cart, and checkout abilities.


Mobile Development

Blockade is a free mobile puzzle game that takes a different approach to the match-3 strategic puzzle-solving genre. Available for both iOS and Android devices across the world.

Client Success Story

"My website has been very helpful to my clients in providing them with information about my services and practice and I often receive positive feedback about the website. I would highly recommend nocoded to anyone!"
Dr. Scott Poland
Psychologist & Mediator

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