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Web Development

Custom web development services tailored to fit your company's needs, including e-commerce solutions with a shopping cart, checkout ability, payment process, and custom backend development to handle everyday tasks.

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e-commerce solutions

Web Development

I'm based in Fort Collins, Colorado, and provide a wide range of custom web development services from project management systems and intranets to fully functional e-commerce solutions. This will allow you to run all of your company's day-to-day operations easily and efficiently. The possibilities in custom web development are nearly endless!

E-commerce Solutions

If you're looking to sell products or subscriptions on your website, you'll need a fully functional e-commerce solution. I can set this up for you by building out an all-inclusive custom solution containing a shopping cart with product listing along with tax and shipping calculations, a coupon code tracking system, a full checkout process with a payment processing system, an inventory management system, and more.

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e-commerce solutions

Website Audits

Your website needs to perform and load quickly. Many things could slow down the speed of your website and pages. I'll run a thorough audit to make sure your website is clean of unnecessary bloat, your images are optimized correctly, and everything is coded to perfection.


Many times, there are tedious tasks that exist within business processes that take up a lot of your time and your employee's time. Not everything needs to be done manually. Reach out to see how I can help automate and scale those tasks so you have more time to run your business.

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The Web Development Process

If you're looking for a custom web application, then you've come to the right place! I follow a carefully thought-out process to make sure all project requirements are met and nothing slips through the cracks.


The onboarding process is a crucial step to discussing and understanding the mission and goals of your company, as well as exploring ideas, and formulating a list of requirements and overall timeline for your web application.


A rough sketch is created, illustrating the basic concepts, elements, and layout of your web application. This helps to ensure the requirements discussed are accurate on paper and understood by both parties.

Design & Prototype

At this step in the process, a design prototype is created consisting of visual elements including graphics, placeholder text, and interactive and clickable elements so you can see how the web application will look and flow.


Now that the layout is solidified, coding and development can begin. This step in the process helps bring all of the graphic and functional elements together, and is the final piece needed to bring your web application to life!


Once the functionality is completed, final testing will begin between myself, the project owner, and crucial members and users of the web application. Any miscellaneous items remaining will be tested and completed before deployment.


Your web application has been tested and is now ready for launch. Web application projects are typically hosted by nocoded, but the option to host yourself or through a third party is also available when desired.

Case Studies

My number one priority is helping my clients achieve their goals and passions through their businesses, ideas, and creations. Here are some examples of the companies I've built ongoing relationships with and that continue to inspire me every day:


Web Design & Development

GamePlank is a live video streaming service focusing on video game streaming, including esports competitions, retro gaming, and more. GamePlank offers interactive experiences for streamers and viewers alike with a real-time chat and video playback.


Web Development

Niteboard is a social media platform for gamers and video game-specific topics. Join the community to talk about your favorite games, the gaming industry, and more!

Lauren Angela

Web Design & Development

A template site that illustrates the possibilities of creating an e-commerce solution for your website, with a clean, user-friendly, responsive design, shopping cart, and checkout abilities.

Client Success Story

"nocoded was easy to work with and created a very professional website. They kept me informed each step of the way and their customer support was amazing! I would highly recommend nocoded for your website needs!"
Eric Ketcham
Owner, Tranquil Tea Room

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